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It’s innovative…it’s different…it’s competitive…it’s cost-friendly and above all…it’s fun!

No strangers to starting motorsport campaigns from the ground up and taking on existing ones and making them successful, the Club Time Attack Organisation has brought together the benefits of its experience to create a race championship like no other.

Some might say that there are already plenty of campaigns out there for Hondas – and they’re not wrong. But this one’s different. It’s not a one-make – definitely not – which means there’s more opportunities for owners to enter what they’ve got and not have to comply with a set of technical regulations that means spending £1000s on controlled components.

It also means there’s greater flexibility to modify and develop cars to improve performance and keep it on the pace, no matter what age or model it is.

And with three classes based on power-to-weight ratios that tie-in with specifications of cars built for other championships, there’s every chance that if you own a Honda already, it will be competitive from the get-go.

  • Class A: 240bhp/ton
  • Class B: 195bhp/ton
  • Class C: 176bhp/ton

Running on the same programme as the highly successful Time Attack Championship, this innovative addition to the club’s motorsport line-up has been created to provide a high profile, and competitive home for drivers and teams who are passionate about their Hondas, enabling them to race in an environment that offers excellent value-for-money, fair competition, close racing and large audiences, backed up by a credible platform for commercial opportunities.

The Championship’s principal sponsor is market-leading Honda specialist Tegiwa Imports, who are funding fees for 34 full-season entries in a groundbreaking move that will ensure capacity grids throughout the year.

Support is also provided from a line-up of leading brands: Wössner Pistons, Motegi Wheels, Lucas Oil Products, Octaneologists, Exedy Racing Clutch and Kent Models.

The 2024 season features 16 rounds over seven weekends at six different circuits, each comprising a Free Practice session, Qualifying and two races – all 15 minutes in duration.

At MSV cricuits, events are supported by a large, well-established and well-attended car show that means spectators are guaranteed. All these meetings are listed on MSV’s headline events calendar.

The Racing Hondas Championship is owned, coordinated and run by the Time Attack Organisation in its entirety, under the governance of Motorsport UK.

Time Attack is a highly creative and successful motorsport event promotor and championship organiser. It holds between six and eight race meetings per season at the UK’s premier circuits.

Time Attack also organises some of the UK’s largest and well-known car shows that support the race meetings, ensuring that competition is watched by 1000s of enthusiastic spectators.

The Championship has no official status or association with Honda Motors in any capacity. It is a club Championship for enthusiasts of cars manufactured by Honda.