Class B leader Alfie Jeakins is hoping for a return to winning ways at Brands Hatch this Sunday after difficulties last time out at Cadwell Park.

The Jeakins Race Prep ace – the B winner in all four opening rounds at Anglesey – still holds a sizeable lead in the class but his run was blunted at Cadwell where mechanical glitches restricted him to just ninth and third place finishes in class.

Instead it was Kinetic Motorsport pair Tommy Knight and Nick Charlier who did the winning at Cadwell but both also had their troubles there, denying them the opportunity to fully capitalise on Jeakins’ problems.

Jeakins was further let off the hook when team-mate Loui Hounsell retired from class lead on the final lap of race 1 at the Lincolnshire circuit and was then unable to start from class pole in race 2.

19-year-old Jeakins said: “It’s definitely made things closer going to Brands Hatch.

“It’s been close on lap times between me, Loui, Tommy, Nick and a few others and it’ll be even closer at Brands because of how short the lap is there.

“I can see us all being closely matched on the Indy circuit there and don’t see any of us getting away. It’ll be important to be on it all the time and to remain consistent.”

Reflecting on his Cadwell woes, Jeakins added: “The car cut out in qualifying and then was down on power in race 1.

“That meant I didn’t set a decent lap time so was right near the back for race 2’s grid but I was still able to come through for third, even though it’s very narrow at Cadwell which was a bit nerve-wracking at times.

“It’ll be important to pick up strong points at Brands – both for Class B and the outright championship.

“We’re allowed two dropped scores for the season and I’m hoping I got all my bad luck out of the way at Cadwell.”

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